Advanced Course in Computer Graphics (Virtual Space Modeling)

This is a lecture page for "Advanced Course in Computer Graphics (Virtual Space Modeling)."
ここは「コンピュータグラフィクス特論 (バーチャル空間モデリング)」の授業ページです。


Evaluation policy

Each student will be graded according to:

  1. Short report for each lecture
  2. Presentation for introducing technical paper(s) assigned to each student
  3. Final report on the paper(s) that each student introduced

(2018 April 26) The paper assignment has been released. Please check which papers you are assigned. Submission deadline: June 4th, 23:55

(2018 June 7) The instruction for the final report has released. Submission deadline: July 5, 8:40 am

Schedule (Tentative)

Note: The lecture materials are available only in the network of University of Tsukuba.

112th Apr.Recap of CG foundations / History of CGKanamoriPDF
219th Apr.Geometry modeling / Rendering (part 1)KanamoriPDF
326th Apr.Rendering (part 2)KanamoriPDF
410th MayAnimationKanamoriPDF
517th MayImage processing in CG (part 1)EndoPDF
624th MayImage processing in CG (part 2) / Basics of deep learningEndoPDF
731st MayCG applications of deep learningEndoPDF
87th Jun.Students' presentationsStudents 
914th Jun.Students' presentationsStudents 
1021st Jun.Students' presentations / Recent research trends in CGStudents / KanamoriPDF