Advanced Course in Computer Graphics and Interfaces (Virtual Space Modeling)

This is a lecture page for "Advanced Course in Computer Graphics and Interfaces (Virtual Space Modeling)."
ここは「CG・インタフェース特論 (バーチャル空間モデリング)」の授業ページです。


Evaluation policy

Each student will be graded according to:

  1. Short report for each lecture
  2. Presentation for introducing technical paper(s) assigned to him/her
  3. Final report on the paper(s) that he/she introduced

(2016 Oct. 31) The paper assignment has fixed. Please check which papers you are assigned. Submission deadline: December 4, 23:55

(2016 Nov. 28) The instruction for the final report has released. Submission deadline: December 26, 11:25 am

Schedule (Tentative)

Note: The lecture materials are available only in the network of University of Tsukuba.

13rd, Oct.Recap of CG foundations, History of CGKanamoriPDF
217th, Oct.Modeling, Rendering part 1KanamoriPDF
324th, Oct.Rendering part 2 and part 3KanamoriPDF
431st, Oct.AnimationKanamoriPDF
58th, Nov.Lecture by Prof. Mitani, Image processing/editingMitani / KanamoriPDF
614th, Nov.Deep learningEndoPDF
721st, Nov.User InterfaceEndoPDF
85th, Dec.Students' presentationsStudents 
912th, Dec.Students' presentationsStudents 
1019th, Dec.Students' presentationsStudents / KanamoriPDF


History of computer graphics

Global illumination

Global illumination renderers

Image-based Lighting (IBL)